May Listings

Summer is here! Which means the kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and it might be time for a little family vacation. With gas prices sky rocketing and flights getting more expensive, maybe a getaway closer to home is what 2022 is calling for. In a recent partnership with RV Share, LandTrust is opening activity packages for RV camping on listings throughout Montana. Discover unique and exclusive RV destinations on farms & ranches. If you're looking to car travel, we have a plethora of farms and ranches across the midwest that are offering great farm & ranch activities that allow you to connect easily with farmers and ranchers, explore their way of life, learn more about where your food comes from, and support the local farm & ranch way of life.

Are you trying to save up for your fall trips instead? Ten of our 14 listings from May offer hunting! Many of the northern listings offer mule deer, whitetail and antelope hunting in Montana, but if you weren't as lucky with your tag draw this year then consider Nebraska. The state offers over-the-counter tags for nonresidents and we have some great listings for deer hunting in Nebraska. In the meantime, here are our most recent published listings.


Kimmel Ranch Partnership | The Ranch: Turner, MT - 3,700 acres

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, Coyote, Rabbit) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • The Kimmel Ranch is located on the prairies of North Central Montana approximately 20 miles from the Canadian border (south of Saskatchewan). It's a great place to gaze at the stars under the Montana Big Sky, see spectacular sunsets and sunrises, or watch the storms roll in majestically across the prairie. If you like, do nothing at all, but listen to the quiet of nature, or more likely, the wind howling across the miles and miles of landscape.
  • The ranch is the epitome of "home on the range where the deer and antelope play." The high desert country of Montana's plains is perfect for all forms of wildlife with plenty of rangeland, alfalfa fields, cover crops, and farmland.
  • The property is in Unit 670 for deer, which is a general deer unit, and is in Unit 670 for antelope.


Kimmel Ranch Partnership | South: Turner, MT - 3,400

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, Coyote, Gopher) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • PJ and Tricia Kimmel are pleased to be opening their southern private deeded acres to guests! This property consists of 3,400 acres with access to nearby public land rich in potential for hunting, birding, and more!
  • Our property is also a great location for outdoor recreation opportunities. We are always open to new ideas for ways that people can enjoy our property.
  • Hunt the southern portion of the Kimmel Ranch Partnership! The property is in Unit 670 for deer, which is a general deer unit, and is in Unit 670 for antelope.


Coyote Gulch Ranch: Big Timber, MT - 1,600 acres

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkey) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • The Coyote Gulch Ranch has been in the family since the late 40s.
  • The property itself consists of two sections that are covered in timber with steep ridges and deep coulees. The upper section and a half are mostly open scrub brush in the coulees and provide excellent views of the Crazy, Beartooth, and Little Belt Mountain Ranges.
  • It has thick timber that opens up to hay fields and wide-open pasture. Plenty of mule deer and coyotes that wouldn't break any hearts if they were thinned out a bit.
  • The property is in Unit 515 for deer and in Unit 576 for antelope. 


Murdock Ranch: Malta, MT - 8,225 acres

  • Fishing (Carp, Catfish, Northern Pike) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • For over a century the Murdock Ranch has been creating memories in Montana, raising Angus and Simmental Cattle. The property itself is a Little Grand Canyon.
  • Nearly 12 miles of the Cottonwood Creek meanders through the Murdock Ranch, making for some relaxed ranch fishing.
  • The Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge is also 13 miles away as the bird flies (48-mile drive).
  • Lodging Available


Indreland Ranch: Big Timber, MT - 1,640 acres

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope) / Fishing / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • Since it's founding in 1977, the Indreland Ranch has been providing high-quality genetics and services that help cattle producers attain more freedom and profitability. Committed to this mission today, the Indreland Ranch puts its 45 years of registered Angus experience to work to cultivate a thriving environment for people, livestock, and wildlife. 
  • The ranch's 1,000 acres stand in the shadow of Montana's Crazy Mountains. The property also features exclusive access to 640 acres of landlocked state land to the south.


Speelman Creek Ranch: Ekalaka, MT - 4,500 acres

  • Fishing (Carp, Catfish, Northern Pike) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • Hunting coming in 2024.
  • The Speelmon Creek Ranch consists of 4,500 acres in the prairied hills of Southeastern Montana. Proudly operating since 1909, the ranch specializes in raising cattle.

  • The property itself is vast, rivaled only by the view which seems to span for miles and miles. The ground is mostly prairie, grasslands, and agricultural cropland, with timber, hardwoods, hills, and draws scattered throughout.

  • The ranch borders the Custer National Forest, offering access to over 65,000 acres. The property also features access to just over 1,500 acres of State and BLM land.



Alexander Ranch: Medicine Lodge, KS - 7,000 acres

  • Hunting (Waterfowl, Quail, Dove) / Fishing / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • The Alexander Ranch is a 5th-generation working cattle operation proudly based in Sun City, Kansas. Over the years, the Alexander Ranch has received widespread recognition for our wildlife and land management practices. We are also the proud recipient of the 2019 Leopold Conservation Award, a product of the family's commitment to leave the land better than we found it. 
  • The property features wide open prairies and wetlands, including fourteen ponds, which are perfect for waterfowl, quail, and dove hunts.

  • In years past, the ranch has hosted part of the Open Range 200k Gravel Race, an awesome mountain biking race!


Dogwood Outdoors: Manhattan, KS - 160 acres

  • Hunting (Whitetail, Turkey) / Fishing / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • Dogwood Outdoors consists of native grass surrounded by deep, thickly wooded draws. The property and this part of Riley County are home to abundant wildlife and birdlife populations.

  • The property also features a large native pasture that gives an unbeatable view of the Kansas River Basin. This open pasture is great for a night of camping under the stars of northeast Kansas. 

  • This property is great for whitetail hunting in the fall and turkey hunting in the spring.

  • Dogwood Outdoors is conveniently located close to several attractions for your everyday outdoorsman and sport fans. Rather it be canoeing down the Kansas River, Hiking the Konza prairie or Zip lining over the flint hills. They Dogwood provides you with a homebase located in the middle of it all!


Henning Farms + Cattle: Jamestown, KS - 4,900 acres

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Whitetail, Turkey, Pheasant, Quail, Dove) / Farm & Ranch
  • Henning Farms and Cattle is proudly located in Cloud County, the Stained Glass Capital of Kansas.
  • This farm is family-owned and consists of about 4,900 acres that are perfect for hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities. The acreage consists of a few stand-alone parcels and three or four different parcel groups ranging from 1,000 to 1,900 acres respectively, so there's lots of prime ground to choose from!
  • The property is in Unit 7 for deer. The property is in Unit 2 for turkey. The entire state is open for the taking of pheasant, quail and dove.
  • Lodging available.



O'Hare Ranch: Johnstown, NE - 3,100 acres

  • Hunting (Waterfowl, Grouse, Coyote) / 
  • The O'Hare Ranch is a 5th-generation Angus and Angus-Hereford operation proudly headquartered in Johnstown, Nebraska.
  • The property also features nearly 4,400 acres of Nebraska State Lands for a total huntable acreage of 7,500 acres.
  • The ranch hosts Duck/Coot, Teal, Dark Goose, White-fronted Goose, Light Goose and Prairie Grouse.
  • The ranch has a series of flooded fields and marshes that are perfect for waterfowl. The ranch will also be offering prairie chicken, grouse, and coyote hunts.


JC Enterprises | North Canyon: North Platte, NE - 390 acres

  • Hunting (Whitetail, Mule Deer, Turkey, Coyote) / Birdwatching
  • The North Canyon of JC Enterprises is proudly located in Nebraska's Lincoln County with dynamic landscape used primarily as pasture and grazing ground for cattle. The terrain features deep draws with dense tree coverage, along with higher ground that makes for excellent glassing locations.

  • There are 2 water sources on the property as well as a dam that holds water in the Spring and after Summer rains. 

  • The North Canyon has a strong Mule Deer population along with the occasional Whitetail. Our coyote population is heavy and can be taken year-round.
  • The property is in the Platte Unit for deer. Permits are valid statewide for the taking of turkeys.


JC Enterprises | Mitchell Creek Canyon: Cambridge, NE - 500 acres.

  • Hunting (Mule Deer, Whitetail, Turkey, Coyote) / Birdwatching
  • The ranch has 500 acres of pasture and grazing ground with deep wooded draws. The property also features a creek bottom that meanders through the property, providing great cover for wildlife. The property itself sits just north of the Medicine Creek Wildlife Management Area and Harry Strunk Lake.

  • Mitchell Creek Canyon is a prime Whitetail location, with the occasional mule deer. We also have a dense coyote population that can be taken year-round.
  • The property is in the Frenchman Unit for deer. Permits are valid statewide for the taking of turkeys.


Gorgeous Tiny House: Ponca, NE - 80 acres.

  • Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • Discover the simple beauty and tranquility of Living Tiny while surrounded by soft, green hills. Sip a cup of coffee while gazing at greenery from the living room or back deck. Lounge in a hammock, meditate, write, or relax on the back deck by the outdoor fire pit.
  • Enjoy a breath-taking view of the stars from the outdoor hot tub. Come in after enjoying nature and relax with a glass of wine in an elegant, modern tiny house. It's the perfect, peaceful get-away.



Foster Family Farms: Groesbeck, TX - 55 acres

  • Fishing (Bluegill, Catfish, Largemouth Bass) / Birdwatching / Farm & Ranch
  • Home to a small, family-owned and operated cow-calf operation that prides itself on a low-stress environment. The farm develops sustainable cattle genetics on all-natural native grasses with minimal inputs and zero chemicals. The cattle are raised in an environmentally friendly adaptive grazing system built around holistic land and herd management.
  • Walk amongst the docile purebred and full blood herd of registered South Poll cattle and learn how regenerative farming practices have enriched our land, soil, forages, and animals alike. Hand-feed them and have those cameras ready for some cute memories to share with your friends and family. 
  • Cast the day away around our ponds that are stocked with bass, catfish, and bluegill. The calmness, peace, and serenity will surround you as you take the day at the speed you'd like to... snail speed to turtle speed. 


Wherever your summer travels might take you, we hope you enjoy recreating outdoors with the ones you care about. Safety is key when it comes to outdoor adventures, but is extra important when it comes to hunting. Which is why we strongly encourage our sportsmen to consider staying up to date on hunting safety through courses such as or iLearntoHunt. We hope everyone can prepare for a successful and ethical hunting season this fall.

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