Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dry Camping

Be A Good RV Guest By Following These Etiquette Tips 

Camping without the crowds is one of the best parts of RVing. Many LandTrust landowners allow RV camping on their properties, which is a great way to avoid crowded campgrounds and get closer to nature. You can read our other blog post about RVing on LandTrust properties to learn more.

Help ensure that LandTrust lands stay open for others to enjoy. Be a good RV guest by following these dos and don’ts. A little common courtesy and RV etiquette goes a long way when “boondocking” — also known as dry camping without electricity or water hookups. 


  • Respect the landowner’s rules. Communicate with the landowner before you arrive to understand the house rules: what entrance to the property should you use, what size rigs can they accommodate, do they have quiet hours, are campfires allowed, do they allow generator use?
  • Leave it better than you found it. Follow “Leave No Trace” principles and pack all trash out with you when you leave. Park in designated camping spots only.
  • Clean up after your pets. If pets are allowed on the property, help your dog be a good guest, too. Try to keep any barking to a minimum, ask where the landowner would like you to walk your dog, and always clean up after your pets.
  • Arrive and depart during designated check in and out times. 
  • Be prepared. Ensure you have all required fishing and hunting licenses, equipment, and other necessities before you arrive. Remember, you probably won’t have a grocery store close by!
    LittleBeltCattleLandwDogMany LandTrust listings, like Little Belt Cattle Ranch, are happy to welcome pets!


  • Don’t bring more people (or dogs) than the reservation indicates.
  • Don’t expect electricity or water hookups if the property listing doesn’t specify them. The same thing goes for cell service, especially when off the beaten path!
    • Don’t speed on dirt or gravel roads. Take care on backcountry roads. Rain and snow (even in summer!) can make roads sloppy or create ruts that leave long-term damage.
  • Don’t dump your tanks. Never dump your dirty water or sewage tanks on a LandTrust site. Wait until you can visit a nearby dump station
  • Don’t run your generator all night. While your campsite might not have defined quiet hours, it’s good RV etiquette to be considerate of others and keep the noise down.

And, don’t forget to say hi to the landowner when you check in. LandTrust’s property owners enjoy visiting with their guests and sharing tips to help you enjoy the area to the fullest. 

With a little planning and common courtesy, boondocking is a great way to make camping memories that will last a lifetime.

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