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Summer 2022 New Listings

The long summer days are starting to get shorter which means only one thing; hunting season is around the corner. We've had a great couple of weeks working with landowners to bring to you 12 new listings in the months of June and July. These listings bring new opportunity for private access to hunting land, fishing, birding, and farm & ranch activities.

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Discover the Best Elk Units in Montana

Knowing Where to Hunt Elk in Montana

Elk hunting in Montana isn’t the same throughout the entire state.  There are districts, or units, in the eastern half that have fewer elk roaming about, but those that are there are easier to spot with the wide-open spaces.  Some of the areas in the western half of the state are teeming with elk, with many of them hidden amongst the old-growth evergreen forests.

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May Listings

Summer is here! Which means the kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and it might be time for a little family vacation. With gas prices sky rocketing and flights getting more expensive, maybe a getaway closer to home is what 2022 is calling for. In a recent partnership with RV Share, LandTrust is opening activity packages for RV camping on listings throughout Montana. Discover unique and exclusive RV destinations on farms & ranches. If you're looking to car travel, we have a plethora of farms and ranches across the midwest that are offering great farm & ranch activities that allow you to connect easily with farmers and ranchers, explore their way of life, learn more about where your food comes from, and support the local farm & ranch way of life.

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