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Local Montana ranchers earn passive income on land-sharing marketplace

Karen and David Shockey have been gaining extra income by listing their 2,700-acre ranch near Wilsall, MT on the LandTrust website since 2019.Muddy Creek Ranch is a family-owned and operated grass-fed cattle ranch located in the beautiful Shields Valley. Third-generation owners and operators, Karen and David Shockey were looking for additional revenue streams to help keep the ranch afloat in times of need. “We are limited with how many cows we can run to offset our costs, so we are always looking for additional incomes for the ranch. Working with LandTrust was a no-brainer,” says Karen.   

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Discover the Best Elk Units in Montana

Knowing Where to Hunt Elk in Montana

Elk hunting in Montana isn’t the same throughout the entire state.  There are districts, or units, in the eastern half that have fewer elk roaming about, but those that are there are easier to spot with the wide-open spaces.  Some of the areas in the western half of the state are teeming with elk, with many of them hidden amongst the old-growth evergreen forests.

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