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Local Montana ranchers earn passive income on land-sharing marketplace

Karen and David Shockey have been gaining extra income by listing their 2,700-acre ranch near Wilsall, MT on the LandTrust website since 2019.Muddy Creek Ranch is a family-owned and operated grass-fed cattle ranch located in the beautiful Shields Valley. Third-generation owners and operators, Karen and David Shockey were looking for additional revenue streams to help keep the ranch afloat in times of need. “We are limited with how many cows we can run to offset our costs, so we are always looking for additional incomes for the ranch. Working with LandTrust was a no-brainer,” says Karen.   

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Summer 2022 New Listings

The long summer days are starting to get shorter which means only one thing; hunting season is around the corner. We've had a great couple of weeks working with landowners to bring to you 12 new listings in the months of June and July. These listings bring new opportunity for private access to hunting land, fishing, birding, and farm & ranch activities.

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April Listings

April is a busy month for our landowners as many gear up for calving season and/or planting season. That didn't stop 11 landowners from going live with their LandTrust listings though! We welcome many new listings across the state of Nebraska, but also a few from Montana, Kansas, Wyoming and Michigan. Whether you're looking ahead at whitetail hunting in Nebraska or Elk hunting in Montana this fall, we've got plenty of options for you. Likewise, if you're searching for a remote getaway from your own busy schedules this summer for a little R&R, we have many landowners offering just that!

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New Listings - March

Turkey season is in full swing and many tags have been drawn for big game hunting in the fall. More hunting means more need for space, which is why we are excited to share the addition of these ten new listings across Montana, Nebraska, Kansas and California that were published in the month of March. Many offer hunting for spring turkey season or fall big game, but they almost all present the opportunity to visit for farm and ranch activities as well as birdwatching this summer!

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6 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Recreational Listing

JohnHansenAbout the author: John Hansen is a Nebraska Landowner bringing his ideas and perspective to the forefront of our mission; to partner with landowners who value adaptive management and are seeking alternative sources of revenue. With an education in Animal and Range Sciences from Montana State University, several years managing small to medium sized ranches, and 26 years with Ted Turner managing some of the largest land holdings in the U.S., John brings a depth of knowledge and experience to LandTrust and its landowner partners. His strong background in agriculture and natural resource management provides a unique opportunity to share what he has learned through this extensive experience base with landowners to help them achieve a more profitable Land Business.

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March Virtual Landowner Q&A

Starting a new project can often times feel intimidating, especially when your business is on the line. There are a lot of questions that must be answered prior to committing changes. Weighing the pros and cons takes time and consideration. The team at LandTrust wants to be as supportive as possible through this variable time. We are here to answer whatever questions landowners have and discuss any skepticism. The head of our Landowner Profitability Program, John Hansen, wrote about Balancing the Enterprise Mix and has some useful insight on financial analysis tools and methods when it comes to expanding your operation.

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Kovarik Cattle Ranch LandStory

LandTrust is the recreation access network that partners with ranchers and farmers to connect them with outdoors people looking for new and high quality experiences. Ranchers and farmers face a multitude of variables that are out of their control such as floods, droughts, cattle prices, crop prices, etc. This inconsistency leads to challenges when it comes to supporting family-owned operations. Nebraska landowners, Natalie and Luke Kovarik, are new to LandTrust but are looking forward to the possibilities that the partnership can bring to their operation in the coming seasons. 

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The Future of Land Ownership

"There's an old adage - buy land, they're not making more of it."

A while back, our LandTrust CEO and Founder, Nic De Castro, sat down with Jacob Hendrix, the host at Roadcast, to discuss the future of land ownership. Roadcast is a youtube channel that shares interesting stories of inspirational and design-minded people. Their motto is to uncover design inspiration wherever the road leads...

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