US Cattlemen's Association Interviews LandTrust CEO on #FactsOnlyFriday

LandTrust is a for-profit conservation company focused on enhancing the land and wildlife management on rural private lands. We do this by connecting sportsmen, industry partners, government programs, and conservation experts to create a community of support for rural landowners. You can learn more about our partner programs on our conservation page.

A few weeks ago, our founder and CEO, Nic De Castro, sat down with industry partner, Lia Biondo, from US Cattlemen’s Association to discuss LandTrust. The USCA works toward one mission only: strengthening the bottom line of the U.S. cattle producer. Based in Washington D.C, USCA is focused on the future of the industry by working toward “fair and balanced trade agreements, reestablishing a country-of-origin labeling program, protecting the health of the domestic herd... everything to make your everyday life easier and your profits stronger.” 

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USCA recognizes that for your operation to be sustainable for future generations, it must be profitable. It also means you need to have all of the information, which is why #factsonlyfriday is designed to present all sides of the story. Lia is the USCA Director of Policy Outreach and coordinates the team’s Capitol Hill presence, while also managing USCA’s communications operation. It was great for Nic and Lia to sit down and chat more about LandTrust; Lia not only highlights the key driving points from LandTrust, but also asks the tough questions. 

During their #FactsOnlyFriday discussion, Nic invites a Montana LandTrust landowner, Cliff Hamm, to share his story. We watch a video about Cliff that walks us through his experience as a landowner thus far.

MCC - Full Feature

Cliff and his son, JD, share their story with LandTrust.

Later, Nic admits that a wildfire came through Bozeman not too long ago and destroyed a majority of the Hamm’s land. Nic points out that LandTrust was able to provide another source of income for Cliff’s operation during this devastating time. Just after, Lia agrees that farmers and ranchers can resonate with the challenges that present themselves with these unforeseen obstacles. 

MCC Camp Close Up (1)JD works on the hunter's camp on their Montana Cow Company listing.

These transactions between landowners and sportsmen have always been present. How does LandTrust change that equation? How do they step in and effect that connection? Nic says, “You maintain 100% control. We are simply providing a platform that facilitates a marketplace. We take care of liability, insurance and safety. We allow producers and landowners to continue on with their daily work with very little input while making pretty significant income.”

MCC PropertyA few of the Montana Cow Company working ranch.

“Conservation is a crop. It should be harvested and it should be bottom line.... The process is almost pure profit. It's literally just saying yes to people who want to pay a premium to come and enjoy your land after all the hard work you put into stewarding it. It's incremental income that is available to you from your existing resources. There's no extra step that you need to do." -Nic

DSC04557IdaradoNic works with landowners to set up their LandTrust listing.

LandTrust is proud to work with many organizations throughout the country. Our partnership with the US Cattlemen's Association is just one of many that we are looking forward to growing and strengthening in the coming years. Check out the full conversation between Lia and Nic as they continue to discuss how landowners navigate the dilemma around 'fall friends.' Lia also asks about the story behind our name, 'LandTrust,' despite the company not having anything to do with land trust's. She then touches on viewer's concern about whether or not LandTrust is big tech as well as what type of liability we can offer. Be sure to watch the video to get to know more about LandTrust as Lia continues to ask the tough questions about the business. 


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