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Are rural working lands sustainable with just agricultural production?

Having grown up on a farm, I considered the opportunity to join the Climate Corporation back in 2015 as their Chief Technology Officer one of the privileges of my career. Since that time, the use of digital tools in commercial agriculture has become the norm, helping to highlight the productivity of a producer’s operation by making better decisions. Growers and service providers alike now use data to understand the results of side-by-side trials, treatments, seeding rates, fertility, water, heat, and ultimately yields. Frame 6 (2)

Now the industry is evolving and adopting newer practices, intended to be better for the environment and more sustainable for soil health and biodiversity. You can’t pick up any ag publication today without reading about “regenerative ag” and it’s attracting a lot of investment dollars to help producers with adoption and implementation. If digital tools were all about quantifying productivity, these new practices add a layer of purpose on top. 

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Meyer Ranch Forms Relationship with LandTrust Employee

Last week, we introduced Ches Meyer as one of our proud LandTrust Landowners. Ches took us through his journey of signing up as a landowner: the skepticism, the reassuring and then the reward that he and his family experienced in doing so. However, Ches’s direct relationship with LandTrust did not end once he signed up. In fact, Ches has continued to work very closely with the LandTrust team every day. In particular, with Mike Ryan.

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New Landowner Innovations

Landowner Revenue Dashboard

Thank you to all our landowners who have generously been providing feedback to make LandTrust better for everyone. Today, we are introducing a whole new way for landowners to see the revenue you’ve earned on LandTrust and much more. Earned, expected, and even potential revenue from sportsman inquiries are now visible in your personalized landowner dashboard! Landowners are the foundation of what makes LandTrust unique. We think this new dashboard will make it easier for you to manage inquiries as well as learn helpful tips to get more bookings. A full breakdown of the new landowner dashboard is below. 

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Access is a Challenge if You Don't Have Indefinite Cash Stream

Todd Decker Testimonial

Reflecting back on the spring turkey season, we can all agree it was more successful and enjoyable than the 2020 season. With fewer unknowns in the world and the ability to control more variables, we saw many of our LandTrust sportsmen have great trips! Among them, was Todd Decker, a Denver resident who is always facing a challenge when it comes to land access in Colorado. 

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Your Next Private Land Hunting Trip...

With summer quickly approaching, sportsmen all across the country are starting to plan for the upcoming hunting season. Tags are being purchased, dates finalized, and lodging arrangements made. Whether you’re searching for public vs. private hunting land, self-guided vs. with a hunting guide, or planning to camp vs. book a hunting lodge, there is a lot to coordinate before your hunting trip. Before you spring into a new season, its important to review your options: 

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Busy Farm Finds Support in LandTrust Partnership

Creekside Farms Testimonial

“Many other landowners I know want to run and hide during hunting season.” says Toynette Siewert, co-owner of Creekside Farms near Billings, MT. “Suddenly you have friends come out of the woodwork that you never knew you had, asking for permission to access the land.”
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